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Welcome To Wealth BuildHERS For Women Real Estate Investors & Entrepreneurs

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

WBH 1 | Women Real Estate Investors

Welcome to Wealth BuildHERS! This show is for aspiring women real estate investors and entrepreneurs by women real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Renee Williams and Camille Davis introduce the show and its inspiration: empowering women on the path to financial freedom. Women can do so much, and being financially free is definitely one of those things. Financial freedom is not only about earning for yourself or your family; it’s also about building generational wealth to secure your future. Learn about our beloved hosts and what else you can expect to see from the show moving forward as they tease what they’re looking forward to the most. Stay tuned!


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Welcome To Wealth BuildHERS For Women Real Estate Investors & Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the very first episode of the Wealth BuildHERS Podcast. I am your host, Renee Williams. I will be joined by my co-host, Camille Davis, as we go with you on this journey to financial freedom. Whether you are an entrepreneurial woman or a real estate investor, we created this show just for you. We thought we would do this very first episode in an interview style, but what we ended up doing was having a conversation truly about what it is that we wanted to do to help you in your journey.

We're going to talk about, 1) Who our audience is, 2) What your pain points are, and 3) Why we are uniquely suited to help you to go to the next level in your business. What you're about to read is a conversation between myself and Camille Davis, talking about all of those things. We hope that you can glean something, not just from this first episode, but also from this show. We have some spectacular interviews coming up that we've already done with some great women. We want to help you get to where you have a thriving, growing, fantastic business that you love. Read our conversation as we get going on this first episode of the Wealth BuildHERS Podcast.

WBH 1 | Women Real Estate Investors

We can talk about who is our audience that we are wanting to attract or speak to with this show.

I want to empower women because we are powerful. We are the glue that holds things together. We have so much to contribute to society. From an outside perspective, I want to let women know that we're amazing and we can do this. My thing is women, in general, do and give up so much to take care of our families and everybody around us that we forget to take care of ourselves sometimes. We help everything run. We help our husbands and children be successful. We don't get recognition a lot of times. It's not that we want recognition but we need to remember how much we're contributing, how important we are and how we change society.

WBH 1 | Women Real Estate Investors

The other piece that's super important that we lose sight of is the name of the show, Wealth BuildHERS. Not only do we contribute on the domestic side like with our families and children, but there's also a wealth contribution that we can make as women that we often don't remember. We don't think about the fact that we are able to do that, to make a significant contribution not only on the domestic side, but also on the side when it comes to building wealth for ourselves, our families and generational wealth. We have the power to do that. We can take all of those skills that we use at home and work like in our careers if we have a W-2 career. We can funnel that into a thriving growing business if somebody would teach us how to do it. For me, the thinking is putting it all together.

I've made this so that we could be financially free and live off of the properties that we have. We could stop, retire if we wanted to and move forward with life. It creates this sense of accomplishment and security that you can't get anywhere else. It's amazing.

We could stop, retire if we wanted to and move forward with life. It creates this sense of accomplishment and security that you can't get anywhere else.

I was also the impetus to get us started with real estate investing, with me and my husband as well. My husband is a strong W-2 believer. He’s like, “We need a steady stable paycheck coming in here.” Here I come with these multiple income streams. We need to have more money coming in and building a business from that. A lot can be done. We can work in concert with our partners, spouse or significant others to build something fantastic. If we're single like if we're on our own and in that place in our lives where we don't have a significant other, we can still build a strong financial future for ourselves and our business. That's doable.

We have a second question, Cami, that we need to answer. As far as our audience is concerned, we've described our audience. Our audience are women and those who identify as women who are wanting to have a significant financial impact on themselves, their family and their future. That's whom we're speaking to. They can do that with real estate investing and as an entrepreneur. What are their pain points? What do you think are some of the problems that these women may run into? What kinds of solutions can we offer with the show?

WBH 1 | Women Real Estate Investors

We are only as successful as the people around us, for real. Culture-wise, we think we have to do everything individually and take care of everything on our own, but no. We thrive when we get with a community, a tribe, and a group of people that can help us succeed. Hopefully, we can bring that through this and show other powerful women who have pushed past the challenges of life and still been successful.

WBH 1 | Women Real Estate Investors
Women Real Estate Investors: We need community. We are only as successful as the people around us.

What is so phenomenal about the ability to do a show or a YouTube channel, which we also have, is that we can build a Wealth BuildHERS community of women who help each other, pass along information and teach one another about building a strong business, whether it's real estate investing or entrepreneurship in general. It's so phenomenal to be able to be part of a community that helps you to know that you can do it.

You can do this. Being financially free and having financial freedom is doable. It's not a one-shot thing or overnight. We're not saying that at all. There is blood, sweat, tears, and time away from kids sometimes or from your fur babies if you don't have kids. There is a generous amount of work that needs to be done but you can be financially free and not have to punch into a W-2 job every day.

There is a generous amount of work that needs to be done, but women can absolutely be financially free and not have to punch into a W2 job every day.

You can even be free from the business that you own. If you build a business the right way, some of the conversations that we're having on this show are talking about, “How can I get passive income from a business that I own where I'm not the person doing all the things every day?” You can even be free from your own business if you do it right. Those are some of the pain points that we want to help women get past, and we're going to use this show to do that. This is the last question. Cami, what makes us qualified to be able to teach women how to do this on this show?

It's because we have both done it in our lives. We had that experience where we created financial freedom for ourselves.

If I talk about you and you talk about me, it will make it easier. We are these women who are both guilty of Imposter syndrome. I don't know if men have it or not, but it's huge for women where you feel like your accomplishments are not sufficient. You haven't accomplished enough to be able to be worthy of being paid for something or tell what you've done.

WBH 1 | Women Real Estate Investors
Women Real Estate Investors: It's huge for women who feel like their accomplishments are not sufficient, they're not enough, or they haven't accomplished enough to be able to be worthy of being paid for something.

I want to tell the audience about Camille Davis and all the things that I've seen she did. Camille Davis is a mother of four children. She’s a wife, a business builder and a real estate developer. Cami has twelve LLCs. This is what I know about you, Cami. You took yourself and your husband from both having W-2 jobs in the healthcare industry to running a business where you do have financial freedom. You own at least 40 homes at this point that you’ve got doing subject-to, which is a niche of real estate that is so hard to do but is still doable. You're still finding properties that way.

Over the course of your career, you've had over 250 homes that you've dealt with. Some of those you kept. Some of those you gave to another lawyer or you weren't able to save those families. You are a lover of women and people. You're a fixer. You try to fix every situation and find a solution that is a win-win for them and you. You are a real estate developer building fourplexes near the University of Houston. You’ve got another plot of land that you're building on. You’ve got something else going.

I've got three lots in total. It will be three different fourplexes.

I'm not done with you, Cami. You run a construction company that you and your husband started. You're taking on construction projects, not just for yourself but for other people as well. You are a huge giver of your time. You lead a group called the Women's Wealth Collective here in Houston, where women are able to join up with you and learn so much from you about all of the things that you are doing and how they can learn how to do it too. I've covered 90% of the things that you're doing. There's probably 10% more.

That's awesome. I don’t know if I can follow that.

That's Camille Davis.

When Renee Williams walked into the room when I first met her, I knew this was a lady that was a powerhouse woman, plus I watched her go and start syndication. She was out there doing all the things. I see Renee Williams as an amazing example for women. She is a mother of two grown-ups. Coming from the corporate world, she has an eye for how to help people structure their businesses and organize and delegate.

She has an amazing vision and talent to create systems and processes and run your business as a business. She also has this amazing talent to interview people. This show is all because of her. It’s an amazing way of helping people feel natural in front of a camera and asking them the right questions. That's the talent. I love it.

With both of us having the talents and skills that we have, you for having done so much in real estate investing, and me for having helped people build businesses and doing some real estate investing and syndications myself, we are uniquely qualified to be able to help other women along in their journey. That's the goal or what we're trying to do with this show. We want to provide as much free information as we can to give women the courage to do what they need to do to get on the road to financial freedom. We want to celebrate that with them.

The idea behind the show is we had a vision of helping women do that. That's pretty much what we wanted to make sure that we covered. The idea here is that we are women helping women to achieve financial freedom. Once we achieve financial freedom, then we want to leave a map so that we can teach other women how we got there or get there.

At the end of the day, that's what this show is all about. Before we go, I want to talk about this real quick. We have done several episodes already. I'm putting you on the spot, Cami. I know that we didn't discuss that we were going to talk about this, but are you able to tell me any of the episodes that we've done so far that stick out in your mind and why?

It's interesting how a lot of these successful women that we've interviewed have very similar topics that they pointed out. Find that gift that you're good at, do that and have other people. We need that group and community. Other people that have those gifts that you don't have bring them together and have everybody work in this synergistic way. It seemed that was a very common thing that came up with each of the women. All of the women, I'm so excited for you all to read to. They're amazing and empowering. We hope that we can change somebody's life out there, that they can come, enjoy and leave better and more motivated with a roadmap.

WBH 1 | Women Real Estate Investors
Women Real Estate Investors: Find that gift that you're really good at and do that and have other people that have those gifts that you don't have, bring them together, and have everybody work in this synergistic way.

With that, we're going to go. That's it for our first episode. If you want to connect with us, check us out on Facebook, @WealthBuildHers. It is where you can find us. From there, it will have all of our other links and things where you can connect with us in other ways via email and so forth. That's it for us for episode number one. Camille Davis, thank you so much. I'm so excited about this journey that we're going on together.

Thank you so much.

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About Renee Williams

WBH 1 | Women Real Estate Investors

Renee Williams is an ex-loan officer and corporate strategy administrator turned investor, REALTOR®, Director of Operations and small business coach. For over a decade, she provided organizational support on billions of dollars in mergers, acquisitions and joint venture transactions for her corporate job, all while having a real estate license and investing on the side. Now she's leveraging that experience to help seasoned women entrepreneurs create a business they love and secure the future for themselves and their families.

About Camille Davis

Camille Davis is a real estate investor and creative finance expert who currently owns 40 single family homes. Camille is a serial real estate entrepreneur with multi-family developments, construction projects and a coaching/mentoring group for women called the Women’s Wealth Collective. She and her husband Kyle have 4 children and have managed over 250 "Subject To" transactions in Houston, TX since 2010.

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