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Taking Care Of Your Health And Your Wealth With Gayle Zientek

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Health And Wealth

Taking care of your health is as important as taking care of your wealth, if not more. What good is wealth if you aren’t healthy enough to build and enjoy it? In this episode, Renee Williams talks to athlete and real estate agent Gayle Zientek as she talks about building wealth and having great health along with it. Gayle gives tips on better health, and how to live the life you desire Tune in for more great tips only here at Agent Exit Radio.

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Taking Care Of Your Health And Your Wealth With Gayle Zientek

With us is Gayle Zientek. I'm going to read a little bit about Gayle's bio and see if you can connect with her. I love what she's doing. Gayle says, “I am married for many years, have 3 grown children and 9 grandchildren.” She has been a realtor since 2004. Gayle has made a priority of being healthy and keeping healthy in her life as she practices real estate. Her goal is to be in a bodybuilding competition soon. Let's know Gayle. She has some great things to share.


Gayle, welcome to the show. Thank you so much for coming on.

Thank you, Renee, for having me. It's a pleasure to be here and to have a little conversation with you.

Greg McDaniel with the Real Estate Uncensored podcast connected us. When he sent me your stuff, I was so excited. I was thinking, “Gayle is my people. I’ve got to talk to her so that I can share all of her wonderful experiences with our readers.”

We can all learn from one another. I appreciate Greg's introduction. Did he tell you that I hated him?

No. Tell me why.

We have talked about this even on his podcast. When I first knew of him, I was like, “He is an arrogant, stuck-up mouthy guy.” He came to Michigan for a retreat that I attended and I was asked to pick him up at the airport. I was like, “I will do that.” I picked up Greg. He was very nice. We rode out. It was a 45-minute drive out to the retreat center.

We’ve got to know each other. I remember saying to him, “You are different in person than you are online.” It came out that I despised him. That's why my friend had me pick him up because he knew that and he knew Greg on a different level. Greg and I are #BFF. Anytime we are in a conversation on a podcast or in the same room of people, there's mutual respect. I do love that guy.

He's awesome. He has a good eye for good people. I have noticed that about him. If he tells you to connect with somebody, it's somebody you need to know. I have so much respect for him for that.

We can work, we can be successful in life, but we can be suffering in our health.

He introduced us in a Facebook Messenger message and here we are.

I want to share with the readers some of the great things that you are doing. I want you to tell us your story. Go back as far as you would like to. Not just in real estate but on the journey for your mindset and physical health. How did all that start for you?

Greg and I share this in common, too. Our favorite number is 44. I will go back to 44. On 04/04/04, I turned 44. My birthday is April 4th. I thought, “There's something significant about this number 44.” It showed up that year. That was the same year I’ve got my real estate license as well. I became a realtor at the age of 44. Forty-four represents preparation, foundation, focus and work. A lot of people when they hear that four represents work, they were like, “I don't want four.” In all honesty, work is a very significant part of our lives. I enjoy and have fun at work. At the age of 44, I was starting a new career in real estate.

I had 25 years as a stay-at-home mom, childcare provider in our home. I knew nothing about selling homes or being professional. I hung out at my house in sweat pants and T-shirts my whole life, raising children. Therein lays the relationships. I stayed busy as a childcare provider. There were never any openings in my house. I would always word of mouth marketing.

People came to me. That transcended over time into our real estate business when we reached out to the people that knew, liked, and trusted us, started to do business and formulated along. My husband got his real estate license two years into me having mine. We have worked side by side for the last years as real estate agents in our marketplace.

I was the realtor of the year for 2016. I worked hard but here's what I want people to know. We can work and be successful in life but we can be suffering in our health. My health at the age of 57 became important to me because I was overweight, out of shape, tired and inflamed. I was not enjoying life very well as a grandmother of nine grandchildren.

My little granddaughter, Pipe, was 4 or 5 at the time. She sat on my lap and pressed my tummy. She said, “Grandma, what's that?” “It's my stomach. It's fluffy grandma.” There's nothing wrong with that but I knew I was better than that. I'm a competitive individual. I'm an athlete but yet I wasn't living like an athlete. I was living lazy. Let's call it what it is. I wasn't focused on the things that I sensed were important.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store, Renee, where you go, “What is all of this stuff in here?” Even before I went on my health journey, for years, I go into the grocery store and think like, “There's something off about this with all this processed stuff.” It wasn't until I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I went in. I was listening to a doctor each week at our networking events. He’s a Functional Medicine Doctor. His name is Steve. I have some great Steves in my life. My husband is Steve, Dr. Steve and Coach Steve.

I went into his office years ago. I popped down a credit card and paid someone to tell me what to do. That's what started my health journey. Fast forward, I was 60 pounds down. I moved my body every day. I exercise and go for walks. I'm a bodybuilder. I go to the gym 3 to 5 times a week. I am happy, healthy and energetic. I want to be an example for other people.

I want to inspire the possibilities to the readers who are reading that related to that person I described sitting on the couch, going out to eat 4 to 5 times a week because you don't have the desire, energy, and effort to put into planning, preparing, shopping for nutritious food and fixing it for yourself. That all seemed overwhelming. I want to inspire you to start with one step at a time. Take one step towards your better health. You can have great wealth but without your health to enjoy that wealth, then what's life all about?

Health And Wealth
Health And Wealth: If you take responsibility, apply commitment and consistency, and give it enough time, you're going to wake up one day, and success is knocking at your door.

A couple of things are inspiring for me. In your 60s, you have lost 60 pounds. You are considering doing a bodybuilding competition. Do you work out daily?

I have moved my body. This is the most I have ever recorded than anything. I keep this little journal. It is many days in a row that I moved my body 30, 60 to 90 minutes. There are some days I will work out for 2 hours but at least 30 minutes every day for the last days without taking a break because it became a lifestyle. I have proved to myself that for 30 minutes a day, we can give ourselves 2% of our day to exercise. Years ago, I did not exercise. The pandemic struck and Coach Steve had come into my life. He was helping with some mindset and physical things.

When the gym's closed down for the pandemic, he created an online Zoom called YouCallIt 30 Minute Bodyweight Workout. No equipment is required. Just show up. “Whoever shows up on the Zoom call, Gayle, you get to call them a movement. We are going to do jumping jacks for 60 seconds.” Beverly, Steve, Scott and everybody would call. We do this for 30 minutes. What Coach Steve thought was going to be a couple of weeks during the pandemic turned into four months. I showed up at the first one. I knew five exercises. Good thing it's round-robin. I didn't have to come up with all 30 minutes’ worth of exercises.

Over time, I learned things and that gave me confidence. When you do things over and over again, you get a little bit better. There is no judgment. We all work to the best of our ability. I’ve got better to where I could lead the YouCallIt. I had a friend in Colorado say, “Would you do one in the morning with me?” I would get up at 7:00 AM. Monday through Friday, 7:00 to 7:30, we were doing a YouCallIt 30 Minute Body Weight Workout on Zoom.

That created the consistency for me to say, “I can do something for 30 minutes every day for the rest of my life.” If it's not sustainable, it's not successful. How many people do we know that have released the pounds in all those different ways only to get it back? I'm telling you, getting healthy is hard but what's the alternative? Being sick is hard, too. Being inflamed, uncomfortable, overweight, that's all hard as well. We have to choose our hard.

You took the words out of my mouth. People talk about money, working hard or making a lot of money, doing all the work that we do as agents, brokers or team leaders. That's hard but the alternative of being broke is hard. It’s the same thing with what you are saying. Being unhealthy is hard and challenging. We have to choose our hard. You are going to have to pick one. I always talk on this show about we’ve got to put on our big girl panties and make some decisions about what we are going to do in our life.

You said a statement that hit home with me and that’s being sick and tired of being sick and tired. At some point, you have to make a decision that you want something different. If the premise of this show is we want to exit production, what do we want that exit to look like? Do we want to be healthy or do we want to, “I'm not in production anymore but I'm too tired to enjoy the time away or the time that I have stepped out of my business?”

This is not necessarily a challenge for everyone. We all have issues with something that we are struggling with but the same things that you are doing can be applied. You have to do something every day to improve in that area of your life. First, make the decision. Second, do something every day. The third thing is that it has to be sustainable that you can continue with. Have you found that making that commitment with the 30 minutes is something that is given? You are going to do 30 minutes of moving around every day as long as there's breath in your body. That's who you are.

I have made a promise to myself. I didn't sleep well. I woke up. I had some body aches. I was wondering, “Did I work my body at the gym? No, something is going on there a little bit.” I'm committed to myself. I walk 1 mile every day. Each 90-day segment, I commit to something different. I ran 1 quarter mile every day, which means I ran and ran back 1 quarter mile. I ran 0.8 kilometers every day. I have never run a day in my life. I said, “I'm going to run 0.8 kilometers every day for 90 days.”

When you do things over and over again, you get a little bit better, and there is no judgment, we all work to the best of our ability.

I would talk to people. “Do you ever get the runner’s high?” “No. I ran 90 days in a row, at least 0.8 kilometers. I never found that runner’s high.” I thought, “I'm going to move on to something else. I'm going to walk 1 mile every day.” That's my promise. It's so small that I can't do it. Even though my body hurt, I could go walk. I know the route. I'm going to walk out and walk back 1 mile. I walked 2 miles. It takes me anywhere from 35 to 38 minutes. I felt better and accomplished because I did that for myself, even though I didn't want to.

I'm going to share the transformation equation. The transformation equation is R times C squared plus T is greater than S. If we are going to break that down, R represents Responsibility and ownership. I take responsibility and ownership for what I tell myself I'm going to do when I tell myself I'm going to do it, even when nobody is watching. That's a promise I make to myself.

Two Cs are Commitment and Consistency in business, life, health and relationships. What you do every day matters more than what you do every now and then. Giving in enough time on task is greater than your success. People say, “Don't equations equal something?” Here's what I will tell you about success. If you do the transformation equation if you take responsibility, apply commitment, consistency and give it enough time, you are going to wake up one day and success is knocking at your door. You didn't have to go pursue success. You attracted success by who you became in the process.

We are attracting success by being faithful, committed, taking responsibility and doing our time on task. How does all of this connect to your real estate career? Are you still seeing clients?

We are hitting the road and taking off in our motor home for five months. We live in Michigan. Our real estate business is in Michigan. We have seven under contract that will close and we are not going to be here for all of them. That's okay because we are exiting. When we exit, we never exit totally. Exit has two connotations. I'm out or I'm over here. You can choose.

My husband and I will probably end up closing between 27, 28 deals in 2021. We have been 100% referral for the last years. We do love these 50 transactions. My husband is also building an addition to the home. We built a deck. He built a wall. He has moved in the equivalent of about seven elephants in 2021 in stone, gravel, rock and blocks. He's built a deck on a hill and addition by himself on our home. He is #TheHardestWorkingManAlive. There is nothing that he cannot do or will not do. He is someone you want on your team. We were exiting out of the day-to-day operation of sales.

Here's what COVID taught us. We do not have to be physically present to add our expertise and skills to people who need us. We were mandated to stay home and not be in somebody else's home. How did we list homes? They sometimes did video tours with us via Zoom and around the house. “Fix this. Do that. Get it on the market.” Virtual showings like, “I’m going into the home. Here's a virtual tour for you. Here's an offer, sight unseen.” We will finally get in to see the house and then it’s sold.

We are not at that point but what we learned from those things is that we do not have to be physically present. We just have to have procedures in place that allow us to do our work, even when we aren't there. As we were venturing off 2020, it was our first year with the flow. We were gone for two months and I thought, “How can I ever be gone away from my home for more than 2, 3 weeks? Let alone two and a half months? Are you kidding me?”

We came home. We left in February 2020, went to Florida and came home in April 2020. We were like, “It's cold here in Michigan. Why did we come home so early?” In 2021, we are choosing to go to Arizona. We have a site for our motor home for five months. My mom lives three hours away. We are going to spend the holidays with her in 2021. We are inviting people to come to visit us. We will have the ability to conduct business, even while we are in Arizona. My son-in-law is a realtor. If we have buyers that need to get into homes, he can help them.

Health And Wealth
Health And Wealth: We do not have to be physically present. We just have to have procedures in place that allow us to do our work, even when we aren't there.

Here's the reality, Renee. We have created enough income streams in our lives and business that we don't have to rely on being here physically for five months out of the year in order to live. My friend, Kevin Hoover, has a business plan called the 7 Figure Life. A 7 Figure Life doesn't necessarily mean you are earning $1 million. A 7 Figure Life means you are living a life by design, freedom and flexibility.

You are a rock star. I want to be Gayle when I grow up because Gayle is doing it all. When you talk about the income streams, can you tell us a little bit more about what you are doing income stream-wise?

I have been a SendOutCards affiliate since 2007. Over that time, I have used SendOutCards to build a repeat and referral business. It helped us to stay in touch with our clients' follow-up. Let's talk about follow-up for a second. I didn't follow up for the first three years in real estate because I didn't have a system. SendOutCards has been my follow-up. I have over 7,000 contacts in my SendOutCards contact manager. It's all I use and do to keep in touch with people over time. Top of mind awareness is created through the system and it's also developed a significant income for us. It sustained us during COVID when there were a couple of months where we could not work. We had income coming in that covered all our bills.

We are with eXp Realty. We have agent attraction and agents that work with us through eXp. We owned our own brokerage for years until we had that forethought, “I want to travel. I don't want to be managing agents and offices in my 60s.” We made the switch to eXp Realty. We have done a little bit of agent attraction so we have some income coming in there.

We met with a financial advisor. You are much younger than I. At 54, I started with our financial advisor. We are in much better place years in the future because we made a decision to invest our money with people who are smart in that area. We have our eXp stocks, SendOutCards, real estate sales, eXp revenue share, stocks and financial investments. There are five streams for you.

I'm with eXp as well. Every time I talk to someone who's with eXp, I get this same synergistic feeling about an understanding of income streams and passive income. I cannot say enough about this brokerage and the ability to build wealth or passive income through agent attraction and through the stocks that we receive. The revenue share and stock are phenomenal. We are getting dividends. I’ve got my dividend check, which is super exciting.

I'm getting paid from eXp in three different ways. That's not including closing. That's not the retail buyer-seller piece. That's an addition to that. Not only that, they have phenomenal healthcare opportunities. I'm not going to stay on my eXp soapbox but ladies, if you are reading and thinking about a brokerage that will allow you to have some other income streams like what Gayle is describing, eXp is worth a conversation. You should consider it. In addition to that, Gayle, can you tell me more about the SendOutCards? How did you get started with it? What exactly are you doing with that?

It's a client relationship marketing retention program. It is greeting cards and gifts. It allows me to create a card from an app on my phone or computer. I can personalize each card and send it out with some brownies. I have nine grandchildren. I sat down and found a picture of each of my grandchildren that I love. I put it inside the card. My granddaughter who’s the youngest says, “Sophia got booed.” Sophia is a neighbor. I knew what it was but I said, “She got booed? What do you mean?” “She got a package on her porch from a neighbor.” I said, “You are going to get booed by your grandma.” I sat down and created all nine of them an individual card that went out with a little two-pack of brownies, letting them know that grandma and papa loved them and that they had been booed.

You've got current and past clients staying in touch over the holidays, I'm real big. My nephew had a baby boy, his very first child, taking pictures on social media and creating a fun card that goes out with a little gift to let them know that Auntie Gayle is thinking about him. We have clients who were first-time home buyers. They were out and so nervous. They’ve got under contract with a rural development loan, which is a tricky thing because everybody with cash wins the bids.

Take one step towards your health because you can have great wealth, but without your health to enjoy that wealth, then what's life all about?

I went with them to their home inspection and took some random pictures of them with the home inspector looking at the things that were so new to them. I sent them a card and said, “It wouldn't be long and you will be closing on your dream home. I'm so excited for you through this process.” They have been patient and kind.

I follow-up after the sale, Matt got his four-card campaign that was enacted with pictures of him at his closing and home with a four-pack of brownies. In three months, he's going to get a gift card to Amazon. On Thanksgiving, he will get a card. On his one-year home anniversary, a card goes out with a two-pack of brownies.

Staying in touch that first year after the sale is showing up for people in a special and memorable way that is fridge-worthy. A picture of them with their new home, where are they going to put that card? They are going to put it on the mantle, fridge or wherever. They are going to keep it forever because there's something about putting pictures in a greeting card and setting it off in the mail. That draws people to you. We have been able to utilize this service over time.

The key is we have examples of success. What do other people want? Other people want what I have. “Gayle, I want 100% referral business.” “Are you willing to do it the hard way? Are you willing to put forth the effort, take responsibility and ownership, be consistent, committed and give it enough time?” I tell people, “If you send out three cards every day without expecting anything in return, over the next four years, nothing happens. No one ever acknowledges it or says anything, which by the way, they will.”

Even if they don't, you wake up on year five, and all of a sudden, your phone starts ringing and every day it's ringing, people are calling saying, “My cousin needs to buy a home. Aunt Shirley's husband died and she needed to sell her home. Can you help?” Your phone starts ringing and it never stops. Was it worth doing that the hard way for the first four years of consistent effort? Success was attracted to us because of the time on task, the commitment, and consistent efforts that we put forth.

It’s the same way with sharing SendOutCards. I have a group on Facebook called REALTORS Business by Referral with SendOutCards. There are 8,000 people in there. I share my stories and opportunities of how to reach out, connect and stay in front of people with this amazing service. I have built a great passive and residual income with SendOutCards. That's a little bit about that.

Where do I find that?

If you type in those words, REALTORS Business by Referral with SendOutCards, it should pop up. I get the privilege of approving everybody that comes in. Here's what I don't allow in there. I don't allow spam and recruiting. It's about using SendOutCards as a mechanism to grow your real estate business.

That's why I wanted you to share it because oftentimes, agents are looking for a great mechanism that they can use. There are so many shiny objects that it's so hard to see through all the smoke and mirrors that are going on. You end up paying $1 bazillion for stuff that you never use because it's so complicated or it doesn't work. If you are telling me that you are sending cards to people's addresses, everybody checks their mail. You may not check your email but you are going to check the mail.

Health And Wealth
Health And Wealth: Success is attracted to us because of the time on task, the commitment, and the consistent efforts that we put forth.

It's physical greeting cards that show up in the USPS. There's nothing like it. As a matter of fact, Renee, I'm probably going to get your address. You are probably going to get a card from me.

I would love it.

I took a screenshot of us so we are probably going to go on a card.

If someone is interested in signing up with this program, is it something that they would sign up through you to get signed up with it? Is that how it would work?

Reach out to me on Facebook. You can find me @GayleZientek on Facebook. If you have been overlooking what I share, I'm not shy. I pretty much share my whole life. What you see is what you get.

If you want to work out, we can follow you on some of your workouts too on there. Is there something specific that you wanted to share with the readers? You have such a richness of information and so many things that you have touched are so phenomenal. I don't want us to leave anything out. Is there anything particular you want to share?

This has been on my mind and because we teach it, it's the difference between the model of have, do and be versus be, do and have. Many people will say, “When I have the relationships, money, time, and motivation, I'm going to do this or this. I'm going to go to the gym, hire a coach, start SendOutCards and send five handwritten notes a day. When I have the time and the energy to do that, I'm going to be successful.”

I want to challenge you with that. Turn it around to who do you need to become? You need to become responsible, committed, and consistent so that you can do the behaviors that are going to lead you to have the life that you want to live. Be the person. Do the things, behaviors, and characteristics that you need to do to have the life that you desire to live.

It's simple but very profound. If we think about exactly the way that you said it, you have to put in the work. If I decide that this is the person that I want to be, I have to do the work to be that person. The success that I want to have will come. You started this conversation by talking about attracting success. This is the formula. You haven't left anything out. You have passive income streams. You are supremely healthy or in the best shape you have been in your life. You can lead your business in real estate, retail buyer-seller business for five months out of the year and still be successful. That type of freedom is the epitome of what most of us want. You found it. During the time that you were gone, are you planning to continue to work while you are away or do you try to be off when you are off?

Be the person, do the things, the behaviors, the characteristics that you need to do to have the life that you desire to live.

I live my life pretty much every day the way I want to live my life. I'm on social media a lot because that's what I choose. I love to connect with people. I have a big relationship base. In Arizona, I'm looking forward to the fact that there's going to be warm weather all year and not tons of snow and that there are fourteen pickleball courts. In Florida, my husband and I learned to play pickleball and we had a blast with that. We will probably be joining pickleball and ping pong leagues.

There are 3 pools in 7 hot tubs at the RV park that we are staying at. There's hiking. I have lots of friends in the Phoenix area. I have been watching their Facebook and they are doing these fun hikes. I'm like, “I'm going to go hike that mountain with them.” I'm going to continue to build my SendOutCards business. I will continue to talk about real estate and eXp to anybody who wants to hear about it.

There might be another couple of streams of income that my husband has procured up. He wants to explore a little bit. The fact that he's not working 7, 8 to 10 hours a day here at our house on the construction project has some time to devote to that. Even though we are away and doing what we want, we are always geared into personal growth being better tomorrow than we are now.

I want to share one final thing that sticks out. We have touched on it but we didn't get deep into it. You are phenomenal on social media. I was scrolling on Facebook. Are you on TikTok as well?

I just started on TikToK.

I love this because everybody thinks that TikTok is for Millennials, young people or Gen Zs. We've got some Baby Boomers and some Gen X-ers on TikTok. Your social media presence is phenomenal and simple. It's very grassroots. It doesn't look to me like you have a special brand campaigning social media marketing team that's putting together all these phenomenal graphics. We make things so much harder because everybody is trying to sell us something as agents. We don't need to buy all that stuff. Post you, doing you. Am I seeing that right? You are just doing you?

I'm doing me. Five people reached out to me about SendOutCards. I didn't go recruiting them but I'm being who I am. They are finding me through YouTube. One lady said, “I found you on YouTube.” I think, “I should put out some more YouTube videos.” I share who I am. If I'm sitting down, this is who I am but maybe somebody else doesn't know that they could do this.

I will go into my group, bring up Zoom and share my screen. I’m like, “Here's what I'm doing. I'm booing my grandchildren. I'm sending my nephew this card with his new baby on it. Join me in this process so I can show you how it works because I'm a visual learner.” If I watch somebody do something, I'm more likely to do it myself and go, “That's not so hard.” What you see is what you get.

I have probably rejected a lot. People are like magnets that come together. When the North and South pull me, they don't come together. They repel each other. I'm sure I repelled a lot of people by being who I am. This is a key. Be you and you will attract like you. How much more fun is it to do business with people who are like you? It is more fun to do business with people who are attracted to you versus those that you are out getting.

I talked with an agent who spends $7,200 a month on That's fine if it produces $420,000 a year. Let me ask you. With the people that you work with, how much energy do you have to put forth when you are putting out that kind of money to attract people to you that you don't know? The energy is different than working with people you do know. I can vouch for that.

Health And Wealth
Health And Wealth: You need to become responsible, committed, and consistent so that you can do the behaviors that are going to lead you to have the life that you want to live.

I could go on for days. I've got a Facebook post about that. Why are we worried about what people say about what we post? Why do we care? If we are trying to attract the people that we want to work with, those are the people who are going to be attracted to us. If it repels some people, then we didn't want to work with them anyway. That would have been a painful transaction. I have done some painful transactions and I'm like, “I fought so hard to get this client. They are driving me up a wall.”

Everybody has had those types of situations where they have clients but they are in a financial situation. The client treats you badly but you can't afford necessarily to let them go so you have to hang on to them and get through the process and close it, even though it makes you miserable and you get new gray hairs and some hair falls out. If we were to take your lead, spend more time on social media just being authentic and being who we are, letting people see us for who we are, we will organically attract our people. That's who we want to work with anyway. It sounds like that's exactly what you are doing.

Here’s the whole reflection thing. We have a success code built into us. We all have what we need to be successful. I always say to people, “If you like what you see in me, it's a reflection of what's already in you.” We are reflecting on one another. It’s like when you meet somebody and you don't have that feeling with them. It's because we are not reflecting on one another. Find the people that you reflect with and are drawn to. Learn and grow from them and for yourself.