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Meet Renee Williams

Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur.

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It's so nice to meet you!

I’m an ex-loan officer and corporate strategy administrator turned investor, REALTOR®, Director of Operations and small business coach. For over a decade, I provided organizational support on billions of dollars in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and divestiture transactions for my corporate job, all while having a real estate license and investing on the side. Now I’m leveraging that experience to help seasoned women entrepreneurs create a business they love and secure the future for themselves and their families.

My gift is bringing solutions to chaos in business and in life. I’m a pain point finder, a problem solver, and a strategist at heart. My purpose is bringing life, business strategy and operations together. I enjoy educating women about small business exit strategies and providing the best map for us to become financially free together.

My top bucket list items are to retire my husband so he can play golf any time, pay off my kids' college tuition, create an investment fund for my kids, nieces & nephews, and buy dream homes for my parents and in-laws complete with cleaning services and wrap around porches so we can sit, laugh, drink sweet tea, and watch the Texas sunset.  

My Story

I Quit My Corporate Job to Become an Entrepreneur

In late 2018, I quit my corporate job to become a real estate agent. I would finally have a chance to quiet the voices in my head and become a millionaire by representing clients full-time. Boy, was I wrong! I quickly discovered that I sucked at lead generation! To avoid prospecting, I spent months setting up my systems, building a website and planning my strategy. After six months of struggling with lead generation I had an epiphany. "Oh my goodness, operations & strategic planning are my happy place! I love bringing structure to chaos." In July 2019 I signed on for a 6-month contract with a $100M luxury sales team at Keller Williams as Director of Operations and I've never looked back. Since then I've worked to improve operations, increase profits and solidify strategies for several small firms. Most notably Monarch & Maker the acclaimed, woman owned, residential construction & design firm for Tiger Woods' Blue Jack National golf course community in Montgomery, TX.












Be Encouraged

It took years to find my purpose. Now I wake up every morning thinking about all the great things you & I are going to accomplish together. I am here to motivate you out of complacency, fear and procrastination. So get your butts in gear like a Jane Fonda work-out video and let's get you moving in the right direction. What feels like HEAVY LIFTING for you is light as a feather to me. It's not too late, it's not too hard, and you are not alone. I'm excited about the lives (and businesses) we are going to change together!

Best regards,

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